The holiday season is all about giving, and here at Miami Stem Cell, we believe one of the greatest gifts is the regenerative capabilities of a stem cell therapy procedure. While we offer this all year-long, in preparation for the holidays, we’re offering an amazing promotion to help patients not only feel their best on their big day, but also save extra money. Introducing our preventative health and wellness program. This program was created to target three key points in your body. This is a time to be with family, be happy, and enjoy the end of the year, and we have many different services we can offer to help you do just that.


About Miami Stem Cell and Our Services

With over 15 years of experience under our belts, we at Miami Stem Cell can assure the best care when in the hands of our medical professionals. Our doctors are specialists in the field of stem cell therapy through the use of autologous stem cells–these are stem cells from one’s own body and not embryonic stem cells. There are many applications for stem cell therapy that can be used to treat various conditions across the human body. We have a multitude of services to offer, and these are just a few of the conditions we can treat:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the carpal bones in the wrist narrow or the flexor tendons swell, putting pressure on the median nerve. For less severe cases, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and stem cells can be used to treat this condition without the need for surgery.
  • Arthritis
    • This is one of the most common chronic diseases that cause pain, stiffness, and immobility, particularly in the hands. Stem cells can be used to help treat the swelling and aching of joints.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
    • This condition occurs when one or more intervertebral discs in the spine lose function. These normally do not regenerate; however, stem cell therapy can help to restore these sensitive areas.
  • Sciatica Nerve Pain
    • This condition is characterized by pain in the lower back that moves down through the legs. Stem cell therapy is the best treatment for helping to alleviate pain in the sciatic nerve.
  • Cartilage Lesions
    • In our joints, a layer of cartilage helps protect the bones from rubbing against each other; however, a cartilage lesion is a hole in this cartilage. Both stem cells and PRP have shown to be effective at treating these conditions.

These are just five of the many different treatment services available here at Miami Stem Cell. Our experts are dedicated to helping every patient find the treatment best suited for their needs.


A Promotion for Your Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

We are currently offering a groundbreaking Preventive Wellness Program that can target up to three key areas of your body (injecting both shoulders, hips & knees for a total of six Stem Cell injections) with your own REAL Autologous Stem Cells all conducted in one quick & non-invasive procedure. This amazing preventive health concept is only available at Miami Stem Cell for the introductory price of $2020.00 and for a limited time (valid until January 31st, 2020), so please call us (305) 598-7777 for details and use promo code: 2020PWP  




About Our Regenerative Health and Wellness Program

Staying healthy and living a long life starts with preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare can help you avoid illness and detect problems before you notice any symptoms and thus, helping you stay healthy!  With this purpose in mind, Miami Stem Cell® created our revolutionary Preventive Wellness Program (PWP) that targets key joint areas of the body either once they start hurting or even before they do (particularly for active people & athletes etc.). In addition, we also offer complete intra cellular / micro-nutrient testing at our facility, which is one of the key components to optimal wellness, chronic disease prevention, and managing the aging process via nutritional balance and is complemented by our innovative IV Infusion Treatments. 


Thanks to Our Clients

As another year goes by, we’ve been able to help many more patients heal and treat their conditions. We’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you all who have trusted and believed in us. You have all helped us with another successful year of providing stem cell treatments to those in need. We wish all of you and everyone else a happy, safe holiday and new year.


Contact us Today For Holiday Deals

Join us at Miami Stem Cell for some last-minute savings on a wonderful stem cell therapy procedure or PRP booster. We are excited to help as many as possible with treating their conditions in preparation for the New Year. Contact us today for more details on our promotions, health and wellness programs or to set up a time to come in.

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