Hip pain can affect anyone, but there are options for your hip bursitis treatment that could make a long-lasting difference in your pain symptoms. Stem Cell Miami offers stem cell therapy for hip pain. This revolutionary treatment targets the source of your pain and teaches the body to heal itself over time rather than trying to mask the pain with medication or trying to fix it overnight with surgery. Stem cell therapy gives patients new hope for their healing process. If you would like to learn more about how stem cell therapy could serve as a hip bursitis treatment, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.


What is Hip Bursitis?


Bursitis is a condition that affects the bursae. Bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs that are located near the bones and cushion them as well as the tendons and muscles near your joints. When these sacs become inflamed, this leads to bursitis. Hip bursitis affects the hip specifically but bursitis can also occur in the shoulder, elbow, and hip. Typically, this condition affects those joints that have to deal with repetitive motion. The type of treatment that is required involves resting the joint that is affected and keeping it protected from any further trauma. In many cases, those who suffer from bursitis see pain going away within a few weeks as long as they continue with proper treatment. However, recurrent flare-ups of bursitis are common.

Bursitis can be caused by repetitive motions but also by placing yourself in positions that puts excess pressure on the bursae around a joint. For instance, people can develop bursitis of the elbow by leaning on their elbows for long periods of time. Additional causes can include arthritis and infection.

Those who are older can be more likely to develop bursitis as the risk for bursitis increases with age. In addition, certain occupations or hobbies that require repetitive motion or pressure on bursae can increase the risk as well. Finally, certain medical conditions such as gout or diabetes can increase your risk of bursitis. Being overweight can increase the risk of hip bursitis in particular.


Are You Looking for Hip Bursitis Treatment?


There are ways to heal your hip bursitis that will reduce your chances of a flare-up later on. The way that this can be done is through stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy gives your body a chance to heal itself by using its very own stem cells to replace the damaged cells at the site of the damage. The treatment has been shown to provide real results for patients as long as they maintain continual treatment. If you would like to learn more about the treatment, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.


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Stem Cell Miami is a stem cell therapy clinic located in Miami. We have experience with patients that have a variety of ailments and all of them have seen results thanks to stem cell treatment. If you would like to begin treating your hip pain with stem cells, contact us at Stem Cell Miami today.

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