If you just got diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma, you may not be entirely clear what the condition is, and before you move on to think about Morton’s neuroma treatment, it may be helpful to understand the condition better. It forms as a result of the chronic irritation of the plantar digital nerve located at the top of your foot. One of the worst symptoms of this condition is that the pain doesn’t always stay in the foot, there are times when patients experience the pain radiating up to the ankle. Many people wonder how the nerve damage occurs, but the reality is no one can be exactly sure what caused it. However, there are a few common reasons a nerve can become irritated.

  • It’s entangled by fibrosis
  • There is scarring surrounding the nerve
  • Degenerative arthritis of the bones

Morton’s neuroma is often seen from wearing improperly fitted shoes and is more common in women than men because they wear a certain type of high heels. Most of the time it can be diagnosed by a simple clinical exam. However, radiographic studies such as X-Rays and MRIs can be used to show degenerative arthritis, scarring, or bursitis. There are a few treatment options for this condition including stem cell therapy. Stem Cell Miami is a leading provider in the Miami area for this type of treatment.


Finding the Right Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

The usual treatment for Morton’s neuroma is conservative. It may include medicine, physical therapy, and modified footwear. However, in more severe cases surgery may be suggested as well as localized injections to help control inflammation and reduce pain.


If your case of Morton’s neuroma is caused by bone degeneration stem cell therapy may be the best course of treatment for you. This technique involves the use of regenerative techniques that could help regenerate issue that has become chronically irritated or inflamed. Stem cell technology helps replace damaged tissue with new healthier tissue, which in turn will reduce and sometimes even eliminate pain. The stem cell process is relatively easy. The cells are processed from a person’s own fat cells or bone marrow. After they have been processed the stem cells are injected into the injured tissue. Although this treatment seems to be a great option a lot of people are nervous to have it done since it is so new and cutting-edge. This shouldn’t be the case; stem cell treatment is a fantastic way to correct and treat chronic and acutely damage tendon and muscle pains.


If you’re still unsure about the right course of treatment talk with your doctor. Some options have helped thousands of people live, and it’s time you were able to live that way too!


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