Ever consider stem cell therapy? Have you heard the phrase and you are not entirely sure what it means? If you currently are suffering from osteoarthritis this is a procedure you need to consider. Stem Cell Miami is here to ensure that you have all the details and information you need to make the appropriate decision. Our Miami office, has the experts who are professionals in the stem cell industry. Get in touch with us today!


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Familiar with the phrase regenerative medicine? This is exactly what stem cell therapy is. It is a innovative invasive treatment that is part of the growing field. It utilizes you personal adult stem cells to treat acute sport injuries and chronic join, soft tissue, and disc degeneration, such as arthritis. It gives your body the chance to heal itself naturally through regenerative medicine.


Think of stem cells as the construction worker of the body’s repair mechanism. Their primary role is to maintain and initiate the healing of damaged tissue and they replenish dying or damaged cells. They find the damaged tissue and have the potential to start its repair or regeneration.


How Does Stem Cell Benefit Your Osteoarthritis

There are many treatments our there to help with your pain, and a battle you may be facing is what procedure is best for you. Stem cell therapy uses biologice material that is made directly from the patient’s own body. This gives this procedure minimal recovery time, minimal risk, and minimal worry. Here are a few other benefits on how stem cell therapy is the best option for you.

  • No communicable disease transmission: The cells are coming from your own body so therefore you will not have the risk of spreading disease from or to another person.


  • No use of general anesthesia: Does general anesthesia makes you feel weird? Or does it make you anxious? With stem cell therapy, it does not require the use of general anesthesia.


  • Avoid surgery and its many complications and risks: Surgery can get scary and very complicated. There are so many risks you as a patient are facing and have no control over. Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. The stem cells are harvested from the patient’s bone marrow from the pelvis.


  • Minimal post-procedural recovery time: In most cases, the recovery time is the most time consuming factors of any injury. Not with stem cell therapy. The recovery time is minimal and you be our on your daily activities in no time.


  • No risk of rejection: Because the cells are coming from the patient’s own body, there will never be rejection. Your body knows your body. It’s basically just moving to the a different house in the same neighborhood.


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Relieve your osteoarthritis pain today with stem cell therapy. Located in Miami, Stem Cell Miami has the treatment you have been long awaiting. Our mission is to control orthopedic related pain and suffering by using the latest and most innovative Regenerative Medicine therapy procedures available today. If you have any pain regarding your knee contact us today and see how we can make that pain go away. Make an appointment and begin the healing immediately.

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