Sacroiliac joint dysfunction treatment can be hard to come by as it can require surgery or serious pain medication. Stem Cell Miami in Miami knows how important it is for effective treatment to take place in order to fully heal. We at Stem Cell Miami provide stem cell therapy that will get your body to heal itself without any need for surgery or other drastic measures. To learn more about how stem cells could make a difference in your joint pain, make sure to contact Stem Cell Miami and schedule an appointment with one of our expert doctors.


What is Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction?


The connection of your sacrum and right and left iliac bones form your sacroiliac joints. The sacrum is a bone that is triangular-shaped and is located in the lower part of the spine but centrally below the lumbar spine. Most of the vertebrae in the spine are mobile, meaning that they can move, but the sacrum is made of five vertebrae that are fused together so that they do not move. When you have sacroiliac joint dysfunction, you typically experience some form of pain in your sacroiliac joints.

Like many other joints in the body, the sacroiliac joints have a cartilage layer that covers the bone. The cartilage allows for a little movement while still acting as a shock absorber between the bones. If this cartilage is worn or damaged, the bones will start to rub each other and a condition called degenerative arthritis will result. This is typically considered the most common cause of sacroiliac joint dysfunction because degenerative arthritis occurs so commonly in the sacroiliac joints.

There are other common causes of sacroiliac joint dysfunction but one of the most prominent is pregnancy. When a person is pregnant, hormones are released that allow the ligaments to relax. This is done in preparation of childbirth. When the ligaments are relaxed, the sacroiliac joints have increased motion but this can lead to increased stresses and abnormal wear. Additionally, because of the added weight and the altered gait associated with pregnancy, this can add more stress to the sacroiliac joints.


Stem Cell Therapy as Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Treatment


Because the core of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is pain of the joint, stem cell therapy is a perfect treatment. Stem cell therapy trains your body to heal itself and relieve your pain. It is non-surgical and it requires little to no downtime. When you select stem cell therapy as your sacroiliac joint dysfunction treatment, you are allowing your body the chance to heal itself rather than trying to take drastic measures to heal it externally.


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