Severe arthritis of the shoulder can be damaging to the body in more than one way, and it is critical to get shoulder arthritis treatment as soon as possible. Stem Cell Miami knows that while it is true that it can cause pain, it can also reduce motion. For this reason, those who are simply suffering from severe arthritis rather than seeking treatment often deal with a great reduction in the activities that they can perform and enjoy. This ultimately leads to seclusion and a loss in quality of life. If you are looking for PRP injections or stem cell therapy for arthritis, Stem Cell Miami is here for you. Contact us today.


How Can Shoulder Arthritis Treatment Help You?


Many times, when patients experience severe arthritis, they are advised to take on surgery or some other such resolution that may not be the best suited for their age. However, there are alternatives that are gentler on the body and give those who are older an opportunity to live without the daily pain of severe arthritis.

One of these solutions is PRP injections. PRP injections are otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma injections and they are made to tackle the pain of the body by encouraging healing. The way that the process works is by drawing blood from the patient themselves. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge where it goes through a process to concentrate the platelets. Once this is done, the platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the damaged site in order to encourage the production of healthy cells and to overturn the older, damaged cells.

If you decide that PRP injections are not for you or you are not sure if you can benefit from the injections, you can always opt for stem cell therapy for arthritis instead. This type of therapy focuses on using stem cells instead of platelet-rich plasma. The therapy still allows the body to heal itself but simply utilizes a different substance.


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If you are hoping to find something that will solve your arthritis pains, Stem Cell Miami has a solution for you. With our shoulder arthritis treatment, you can get exactly what you need through PRP injections. You can discuss with one of our expert physicians and see if PRP injections are right for you. If it is determined that PRP would not be as effective for you pain as another treatment, we can also offer you stem cell therapy for arthritis. Come into Stem Cell Miami and begin the process of getting your treatment plan set up. To learn more about our services and see which of our treatments will be best for you, contact us today.

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