One of the most troublesome and irritating indicators of age since the beginning of time is the swelling and aching of joints- otherwise known as arthritis. Arthritis is the stiffening, pain, and immobility of joints as their connective tissue breaks down over time. While some people are more fortunate than others in the severity of their symptoms, very few seem to entirely escape it- which is why stem cell treatment from arthritis is appealing to so many. So can stem cell treatment actually bring relief to those who suffer from arthritis? Read on to learn the answers to your stem cell questions and learn more about stem cell therapy for arthritis. Stem Cell Miami is a top provider of regenerative therapy in the Miami area. Call us today to schedule a consultation!


Stem Cell Treatment For Arthritis


One question many people looking into stem cell treatment for their arthritis wonder about is if stem cell treatment for arthritis is still an experimental procedure. When it comes to this type of treatment, researchers have progressed in leaps and bounds since the experimental trials of stem cells twenty years ago. Promising results have been shown in using stem cell therapy to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other variants of the disease. When seeking treatment for arthritis, or are looking into the issue for loved ones with the disease, should first inform themselves about what exactly what arthritis is, and how stem cell therapy works. Arthritis is an unfortunately common condition- over 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis, with the onset becoming more common as they age. Arthritis is a broad category that includes a huge range of conditions. While the name typically bears to mind a bent and knobby hand, arthritis can affect any joint. The disease does bring severe pain and swelling of the joints, as well as relative resistance to treatment. Frequent inflammation causes cartilage and other types of protective joint tissue to break down over time, and results in the condition as bones rub against one another without the tissue there to cushion and ends up causing pain and limited mobility. Since the condition generates from a loss of tissue that is not easily replaceable by the body, no cure for arthritis has existed up  until now.


Answers To Your Arthritis Stem Cell Questions


So how can stem cells help arthritis? Stem cell therapy for arthritis enables the body to create new tissue, including types not normally manufactured in an adult body, such as cartilage. Stem cells are cells which are present in large quantities in fetuses and newborns that are undifferentiated. These cells diminish with age, and are able to turn into a broad array of differentiated, specialized cells. Not only can stem cells replace lost tissue by creating new cartilage, they can also continue to divide over time- unlike normal cartilage cells. This means that stem cells are able to not only fix the current condition, but also continue to manage the arthritic area for the rest of the person’s life.


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Stem cell therapy for arthritis has been proven to be effective as it replaces cartilage where it is needed. If you have any more stem cell questions, call Stem Cell Miami today for a consultation!

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