With our vast expansion of successful stem cell research and treatments, Stem Cell Miami is now working to treat patients all over the United States! You can now obtain a stem cell therapy procedure in the states of Florida, California, New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, and Missouri. Contact your local office to hear more about what stem cell treatments are available.

For now, here is a little bit about stem cells, procedures, and our doctors here at Stem Cell Miami.

Our Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Depending on the type of treatment needed, our therapy procedure process is generally relatively quick and easy. For example, when stem cells are injected into certain spots of the skin, it helps to promote collagen growth, regenerate old tissue, and can even help with acne, brown spots, and tighten your skin. On the other hand, we also use stem cell injections to treat more severe conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. For this procedure, we can perform a surgical operation whereas we compress the median nerve as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. However, with the use of stem cell therapy, we can treat this painful condition and forego the invasive surgical procedure altogether.

Our Stem Cell Research

For the past fifteen years, Stem Cell Miami has been immersed in stem cell research and how we can use the regenerative medicine to treat patients. The use of stem cells to treat medical ailments is not only vastly less invasive than primary procedures used today, but it is a more natural process. We believe that our use of a stem cell therapy procedure help your body to repair itself without the need of damaging chemicals and surgeries.

If there is one thing our research has taught us is that there is no limit to what the use of stem cells can do to treat patients. We are currently using stem cell injections to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, athletes, tendinitis of the thigh, and even peripheral neuropathy. Our research has taken us to new heights, while also attending cosmetic procedures for patients with face, hair, esthetic problems.

About Stem Cell Miami

Stem Cell Miami focuses on stem cell therapy for the vast population that suffers from painful orthopedic conditions. For over 15 years, the team at the Stem Cell Miami has been heralded as true pioneers in the field of Regenerative Medicine, having performed thousands of stem cell procedures, while also delivering extremely positive results and with no adverse reactions reported to date.

Our Locations

Stem Cell Miami – Miami

7374 SW 93RD AVE, Suite 202
Miami, FL 33173

Stem Cell Miami – Beverly Hills 

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Stem Cell Miami – New Jersey

101 Hudson Street
21st Floor
Jersey City NJ 07302

Stem Cell Miami – Denver Location

999 18th Street
Suite 3000
Denver CO 80202

Stem Cell Miami – Chicago Location

875 North Michigan Avenue
31st Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

Stem Cell Miami – St. Louis

1000 Chesterfield Business Parkway
2nd Floor
St. Louis MO 63005

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