Stem cell therapy can be super beneficial for a number of things and it is important to understand the extensiveness of these benefits so that you don’t miss out on something that could be potentially life-changing for you and your overall health. Stem Cell Miami knows all about the amazing effects stem cell therapy can have. Stem cell therapy for back pain, especially, is an effective alternative to other treatments. Contact Stem Cell Miami to learn more about how you can utilize stem cell treatment for your back pain or other forms of pain.


What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the process in which your doctor removes stem cells from either your spine or your upper thigh or abdomen and places them in a target site. The stem cells, when placed, promote the regeneration of cells which helps you get rid of the damaged cells that are causing the problem in order to improve your overall health. The process has many more benefits that consequences and it is a simpler procedure than receiving surgery. While surgery can be invasive and require days, if not weeks, for recovery, stem cell therapy doesn’t require an extensive hospital stay and it is not nearly as intrusive. It also provides your body with the opportunity to continue healing itself in the future rather than just fixing the problems that are currently present.

It has a number of benefits which is why it is so widely used on different body parts. Its restorative properties for the body are as helpful to treat your wound that has trouble healing as they are to treat pain from an injury.


Stem cell therapy for back pain

For back pain, stem cell therapy is incredibly helpful. As stem cells help the cells that are damaged regenerative and provide the body the opportunity to create new, healthy cells, it lessens the pain that can come as a result from the damaged cells. This means that patients can begin to see a real change in the level of their pain without the need for pills or surgical intervention. As a matter of fact, when the procedure is performed properly, the patient can see real change in the intensity of their pain as soon as immediately after the procedure is performed. Over the weeks following, the patient’s pain will decrease steadily and, with regular treatment, be lessened altogether. Patients can expect to see a significant difference after one or two treatments but can continue to see improvements for weeks after. That is why stem cell therapy for back pain is so effective in removing the pain altogether.


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Don’t let back pain take over your life. With stem cell therapy you can lighten the load that back pain has on your life and regain your regular routine. Stem Cell Miami can help you use stem cell therapy to improve your back pain and return your life to normal. Contact them today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about their services.

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