Dealing with hair loss is a terrible thing for anyone, but when it comes to a woman’s hair things become even more sensitive. It is hard for a woman to admit that they are beginning to lose their hair, so many of them avoid the issue until it’s too late. This is a mistake because the longer the problem is avoided, the harder it becomes to solve it. A stem cell therapy procedure could be an excellent option for many women who are suffering from this embarrassing problem, but it is essential to take the first step and meet with an expert in the field. If you’re in the Miami area Stem Cell, Miami could be an excellent resource for you. They are a leading provider of stem cell therapy for hair loss, especially for women. This subtle procedure could be a great option for women to reverse their hair loss with little to no recovery time while simultaneously keeping the problem quiet.


Why Women Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss

The stem cell therapy procedure is an innovative way to encourage the growth of your own hair through the use of your body’s own stem cells. Previous hair transplant treatments relied on relocating hair follicles in your scalp, but the stem cell procedure works to restore the natural hair follicles found in your scalp by restoring them to achieve longer lasting results.


The stem cells in your body are responsible for the healing and repairing of tissue. They serve as building blocks within the body and can transform into any type of cell they need to. The fat below the skin is where doctors pull these stem cells from, which is why it’s common if you have this procedure done the cells will most likely be taken from the hip or abdomen area. Once they are extracted the cells are harvested to take advantage of their regenerative properties. After, they are transferred into your scalp through a series of injections where your hair is thinning, and the stem cells can help your natural hair follicles repair themselves and regenerate hair growth. These injections will also activate the existing stem cells in your scalp to help with the regrowth of your hair.


Men and women can both have this procedure done to improve hair growth, thickness, and density. However, patients who have gone completely bald and have little hair present are most likely not going to be candidates for stem cell therapy. This type of treatment is ideal for patients who have some hair present on their scalp, which is why it’s essential to seek help when you first notice the thinning happening.


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