A stem cell transplant is a rarely considered procedure that can have serious and incredibly beneficial impacts on a person. Most people do not know much about what a stem cell transplant entails and don’t have a clear understanding on what the benefits are of the procedure. Thankfully, Stem Cell Miami has the experience and expertise necessary to go through the process with you and help you understand how incredible a stem cell transplant could be for you. Contact them for more information and to get yourself scheduled for an appointment today.


Stem cell transplant procedure

The actual procedure itself is performed in the presence of the doctor but there are a number of steps that come before it that are critical in ensuring that everything is a success. One of these is a series of tests that your doctor will perform in order to ensure that you are eligible for a transplant. Then you will speak with the doctor about what the procedure will entail and make sure that you and your family both understand what will happen.

After this comes the actual transplant. The transplant will happen while you are awake and you will be given a central venous catheter for the infusion. If the stem cells were frozen prior to infusion, you may be given drugs in order to offset the possibility of side effects from the freezing agent.

Transplant centers typically will not send you home until you have shown that you can last 48 hours without fever and have your vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea under control with medicine. They will also monitor your platelet count and neutrophil count. Once they are certain all their criteria are met, they will allow you to go home with the person who will care for you.

You may experience side effects and your doctor will treat these as they come. The doctor may, however, give you antibiotics to prevent any kind of infection when your body’s most vulnerable directly after the transplant.


Benefits of a stem cell transplant

A stem cell transplant has a variety of benefits. The most important of these is the overall improvement of your well being. Stem cells can help the regeneration of cells and can help fix areas of the body that are unable to recover on their own because of damage. The stem cells step in for the broken cells and help heal by increasing healthy cell production.

Depending on what your needs are, you will notice a different set of benefits according to where you transplant the cells. To find out more about stem cell transplants and how they can help you, contact Stem Cell Miami.


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Stem cell transplants are a useful and beneficial procedure for those who have searched and found that nothing else works. Stem Cell Miami is a stem cell transplant center in Miami that can show you the benefits of a stem cell transplant and give you the confidence you need to follow through with the procedure.

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