Osteoarthritis is a pain…Literally! It means that the cartilage in the joints thins out and in some cases disappears, leaving the bones to rub against each other. In this article, I will try to explain why this happens and the reasons why you should consider Stem Cell Therapy before undergoing surgery.

First of all, let’s talk about this amazing substance called hyaluronic acid. This material is a polysaccharide molecule which is one of the chief components of connective tissue, forming a gelatinous matrix that surrounds cells and it is an integral component of articular cartilage, coating each cell and creating a Teflon like cover that allows two surfaces to glide against each other. Due to the aging wear and tear, our cells stop producing hyaluronic acid, so we run out of lubrication and our cartilage cells eventually die off. Suddenly, pain starts and so do the annoying crackling noises in our joints. Consequently, we start experiencing excruciating pain and ultimately our range of motion starts to become limited and we end up having such pain that it even wakes us up in the middle of the night, mostly affecting our backs, knees, shoulders, as well as many other joints.

Often, the initial plan of action from our doctors is to basically bombard us with some steroids, anti-inflammatory and/or other type of pain medications. Unfortunately, the cartilage is still thin and/or nonexistent and our bones still rub and ultimately all those medications usually only offer very poor relief, if any at all, in addition to possibly also providing a myriad of troublesome collateral side effects.

After you continue to express you dissatisfaction with standard pain management treatments to your doctors, the only next recommended step is ultimately to have surgery for joint replacement. Joint replacement surgery, has been the ultimate “go to” resort for osteoarthritis at the point where the non-invasive options have basically failed. While surgery has been successful and has provided relief for some patients, it poses serious health risks, including: limiting the patient’s activities, complications related to undergoing general anesthesia, risk of developing infections, as well as requiring extensive physical therapy regimens and thus, causing unwanted long periods of downtime and/or loss of work. Also, it is important to reiterate that there are certain joints that cannot be replaced and get arthritic as well. In the end, what is the worst thing about this invasive surgery option? That it does not guarantee pain relief!

So basically we continue going through hoops, because it is the standard, because this is the protocol proposed by physicians, or maybe because is the option covered by health insurance companies and in the end, we are back to square one. Suffering with painful and crackling joints and with limited range of motion…essentially just like we started.

However, in the past 20 years or so, there has been a gradual shift in the way we look at degenerative conditions and ways of treating them. Cellular Therapies started 50 years ago, when the first bone marrow transplant was performed and based on that experience, some forward thinking doctors have gone on a quest to find new ways to regenerate tissues instead of replacing them. Regenerative Medicine has expanded tremendously (often even being touted as “The Future Of Modern Medicine”) and right now it is not a thing of the future or science fiction, it is available to you today!

These innovative Regenerative Medicine Treatments are here to help patients that suffer with an array of degenerative disorders. And the field of Regenerative Orthopedics and Pain Management has given doctors extremely fulfilling results. We are all made of cells and some cells are in charge of repairing and we can harness their power to make other cells function better and grow and be healthy. These are times where information is available with one click. Patients are better informed and many chose to get cellular therapies instead of going through a “song & dance” of insufficient results with the traditional surgery route.

With Stem Cell Therapy, the patient’s own stem cells are harvested and injected into the damaged joint…any joint! Once in there, they release growth factors that stimulate local cell growth and activity. They produce proteins that inhibit inflammation and improve the health of the tissue to restore function.

Furthermore, there is currently sufficient scientific data to establish that cellular therapies are extremely safe. The use of Autologous Adult Stem Cells ensures that no embryos are involved in the process and that there are no risks of tumors, rejection issues or complications.

Doctors have already created protocols combining stem cells, products from the placenta and amniotic liquid, lubricating gels obtained from the patient’s own blood, that ensure pain relief that is almost instant and recovery of the joint functionality, range of motion and overall improvement of the health status. This is the kind of therapy that offers results with no known complications. This is the reason why even top tier athletes (from professional golfers like Jack Nicklaus and superstar Tiger Woods, to baseball player Alex Rodriguez among many others) have turned to these Stem Cell Therapies to ensure a speedy recovery and avoid surgery, so they can eventually “get back in the game” much faster.

In conclusion, Stem Cell Therapy is a safe, viable option to effectively treat a very painful condition that affects over 70 percent of the world’s population older than 60 and Miami Stem Cell® has been a leader in the clinical application of these amazing Stem Cell Treatments, with over 7500 procedures performed to date and an amazing Team of Experts to help you.

So if you are interested in learning more about this new treatment modality or to schedule a free consultation with our Team of Experts, please call Miami Stem Cell® at (305) 598-7777 or contact us via email at info@stemcellmia.com.

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