There are certain decisions in life that are considered true milestones and that ultimately offer the possibility to change your life forever. This is the case of Gabriela IB, referred to our Stem Cell Miami Institute by her good friend Guillermo W. She personally asked me to write her amazing story and also gracefully agreed to record a wonderful video testimony (based on this same story) that is currently available to view on our Stem Cell Miami YouTube channel.

Gabriela had been suffering with an agonizing & debilitating pain in her lumbar region for the last four years. In addition, her lumbar pain was also now affecting her right leg (a condition known as sciatica) that was greatly impeding her ability to live a normal life. Her latest MRI showed a degeneration and severe wear and tear type damage on her last two discs, L4L5 and L5S1.  Furthermore, she also showed signs of a degenerating / progressive arthritis in her last three joints (or facets) on both sides of her spine.

Let me explain that for an active person like Gabriela, this combination / degeneration of these vital structures of her spine (like her discs & joints), meant that there were true signs of a severe progressive deterioration that would eventually not allow her to conduct her daily chores and activities, which indirectly also affected her rather active social and her ability to travel (two of her biggest passions).

The alternatives that the doctors had offered her up to this point were rather slim, including: physical therapy sessions and cortisone injections (known as epidural blockages) that not only had failed to work, but were unfortunately even worsening her condition! The evaluations conducted by three specialized surgeons were not optimistic either, with all three giving her only a 40% chance to improve and this only after a long and arduous (at least six months) recovery period and even the possibility of having to undergo two additional invasive surgeries in order to correct the problem. Finally, if she did not choose any of these options (or if they simply did not work) she would be condemned to depend on taking dangerous opioids, something that would ultimately become highly addictive.

Suddenly, her entire outlook on life took a much different turn, thanks to her close friend Guillermo, one of our esteemed Stem Cell Miami patients, that had come to us due to a severe pain in his knee and he was currently doing amazingly well, only weeks after the stem cell treatment that we performed on him. However, since the information on cellular treatments is rather limited, Gabriela decided to turn to our institute’s website to research the doctor’s credentials (yours truly) which are widely available online and clearly showed her that I am one of the most experienced & knowledgeable doctors in the field of cellular medicine in the US.

Sixteen weeks ago, we implanted a strategic combination of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from her own bone marrow and fat, as well as placenta & umbilical cord derived stem cells from healthy newborn babies, a signature procedure spearheaded at our Stem Cell Miami Institute named: Prometeo-P.

Today, we are happy to report that Gabriela is almost 100% recovered, has greatly regained her level of mobility and even has been able to not only reinstate her busy social life schedule, but is also now able to conduct numerous chores and activities that she was unable to perform before her stem cell procedure. All of these amazing improvements in such a short time period and without the need for invasive surgeries, blockages, cortisone shots, physical therapy or taking dangerous & additive (opioids) pain medications, which would have become highly addictive.

She personally asked me to write her story, hoping that if one of you is going through a similar situation (like she was before her stem cell treatment) could ultimately relate to her amazing tale and thus, seek the right help and become pain free just like Gabriela did!

So if you, a family member or friends are interested in receiving Regenerative Medicine treatments, please call us at (305) 598-7777. For more information visit: or on YouTube @Stemcellmiami or also follow us on FB and Twitter. Stem Cell Miami would appreciate any comments on this article or if you want to write directly to the doctors please do so at:

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