Tendinitis can be a painful condition to deal with. Thankfully, Stem Cell Miami has a tendinitis treatment option that can resolve your tendinitis and give you a long term for the direction of your pain. You do not have to suffer through your tendinitis and worry about taking medication or resorting to surgery. With PRP treatments, you can begin to see real change in your tendinitis that comes your body’s own ability to heal rather than some external factor. If you would like to learn more about how PRP therapy could benefit your tendinitis or our other treatments such as stem cell therapy for back pain, contact us today at Stem Cell Miami.

What is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis is a condition that affects the tendons after repetitive or straining motion. Typically, this is characterized as inflammation or irritation in the tendon in the form of a tear. The result is a painful and tender tendon that can cause immobility or a reduction in mobility. Because this type of condition comes from repetitive or straining motions, it often affects those tendons that are frequently used. This includes your elbow, your hip, the base of your thumb, your knee, your Achilles tendon, and your shoulders.

Tendinitis can affect those who partake in activities that require a great deal of physical strain. For instance, those who garden may experience tendinitis, as well as those who rake, do carpentry, shovel, paint, play tennis, play golf, ski, or even those who throw and pitch in baseball. That said, there are also other factors that can cause tendinitis, including incorrect posture or poor conditioning before exercise.

Other causes of tendinitis include abnormal or poorly placed bone stressing soft-tissue structures, stress from other conditions, overuse or doing too much too soon when the tendon is not used to that movement. Very rarely, an infection can cause tendinitis such as those that can occur as a result of a dog or cat bite.

Tendinitis Treatment

For many cases of tendinitis, simply resting the tendon and making sure to ice it regularly can be enough to heal the injured area. In very severe cases, your doctor may recommend that you get surgery in order to heal it completely. However, this can be a serious step to undertake, especially when you consider that many of the people that get tendinitis are over the age of forty. Surgery at that age can be dangerous and may not be the most effective solution.

However, there are other options that you can consider. PRP therapy for back pain is a valid solution for your tendinitis that can make a real difference in the quality of your pain. This is because PRP treatment is meant to help your body heal itself rather than try to force your body to heal with external factors. If you are interested in trying this form of treatment or another such as stem cell therapy for back pain, contact us at Stem Cell Miami today.

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If you are ready to try something different for your tendinitis treatment, consider PRP therapy. Stem Cell Miami can be your resource for PRP as well as other treatments such as stem cell therapy for back pain. Contact us if you would like to learn more.


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