In 1991, a frozen man was found in the Swiss Alps, conserved almost completely intact, for over 5000 years! They gave him the name: Ötzi and until today, he retains the honor of being “the most studied human” in history. Mostly because scientists  have conducted numerous studies on him over the years (including: hundreds of X-rays, DNA tests & CT scans etc.) in order to find out his overall lifestyle, learn more about the foods that he ate and even what ailments he suffered back in the Stone Age.

The copious studies reflected that this ancient “Ice Man” must have been around 46 years old, was about 1.50 cm tall and ate a diet rich in red meats. In addition, they found that he suffered from lumbar spine issues and also (it was speculated) that he must have suffered from strenuous pains in his knees and spine.

Curiously, over 5000 years later, many of us continue to suffer from these same ailments, which are basically a combination of our genetic composition (or inherited DNA from our ancestors) and also the strenuous overuse of our joints and vertebral column.

Luckily, we all possess millions of stem cells in our bodies, that are simply dedicated to “repair and reconstruct” damaged tissue (exactly like they must have done with Ötzi 500 years ago). However, as we age, our stem cells begin to progressively diminish and that is why our joints begin to “bother us” more frequently, developing “wear and tear” type issues, as well as other painful conditions. Eventually, we start getting these “bumps” (what I like to jokingly call “bumps on the road”) in our joints and cartilage and without the proper amount of stem cells coming to the rescue and trying to fix the problem (like they used to in the past when they were more numerous), the joints begin to hurt, similarly to what probably happened to Ötzi the “Ice Man” back in the Stone Age.

But contrary to Ötzi, 5000 years later we now have the capacity & opportunity to use our own stem cells to repair our respective “bumps on the road”, usually caused by the overuse and “daily wear & tear” of our joint’s cartilage and other damaged tissues.

Our state-of-the-art technique (of which I am very proud to have pioneered) consists of implanting millions of stem cells that we obtained from the patient’s bone marrow and fat (Note that the bone marrow is a bone on top of your buttocks and NOT the vertebral spine, like many people incorrectly think!). The live cells get extracted and prepared and then implanted back into the knees, hips and spine, or in the affected / painful area of the patient’s body. The entire process is conducted in one single procedure (that lasts approximately 45 minutes) and is done under light sedation, so the patient does not feel any pain, anxiety and/or discomfort and (best of all) you get to go home after the procedure is completed!

Approximately 8-12 weeks after the procedure (possibly even before that) you will start feeling significant relief of your pain and since you are using your own stem cells, there are no negative side-effects or rejection type issues to worry about.

So as I mentioned earlier, you now have the possibility that Ötzi did not have 5000 years ago. In addition, this procedure will allow you to skip the operating room and/or a lifetime dependent of multiple harmful narcotics, pain killers and medications, to simply try to control your pain. So please, I urge you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity that unfortunately, the “Ice Man” in our story did not have…but you do!

So if you, a friend or family member would like to see the possibility of receiving  these innovative treatments with stem cells or PRP, please call our Miami office at (305) 598-7777. For more information, please visit: or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on our YouTube channel.


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