New Stem Cell Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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New Stem Cell Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

By Dr. Martinez-Castrillon MD, Cardiology at Stem Cell Miami

Did you know that erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in at least 40% in males 40 years of age or older? Unfortunately, it only gets worse from there, increasing in prevalence up until almost 70% for ages 65 and older!

Many would clearly attest that sex is very much at the top of anyone’s life essentials list of things they enjoy most. Research consistently shows that between 80 and 90 percent of men view sex as the most important aspect of their marriage/relationship. Sadly, then we are faced with the realization that once we turn over 40 years old, many start physically having problems in this area. However, It is not normal for so many males to have ED as they age and looking into the latest data about the causes of ED, we have found that more than 84% of ED related issues comes down to vascular flow related problems.

While many will seek the help of an urologist when appropriate, there are a myriad of causes for ED and in many cases, the final common pathway for the large majority seems to be that blood flow into their penis becomes insufficient and re-establishing it improves ED. This is why a cardiovascular specialist might greatly help, since the issue at hand may be about blood flow for most individuals.


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