How are Stem Cells an Alternative to Knee Replacement?

Autologous stem cell therapy for knees is a non-invasive knee repair used to treat chronic pain in patients suffering from advanced arthritis. Autologous stem cells are harvested from a patient’s own body and have the natural ability to help a damaged area heal. The benefits of autologous stem cell therapy are not only healing and regenerating, but patients do not experience the ethical considerations associated with embryonic stem cells. When autologous stem cells are removed directly from a patient’s body, the risk of rejection and disease transmission is eliminated.

Autologous stem cell therapy for knees offers a safe and effective stem cell alternative to knee replacement in many arthritis patients. Instead of undergoing knee replacement surgery, patients can now utilize autologous stem cell therapy for knee repair.

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Stem Cells and The Lucky Tale of Dora’s Right Knee

Today I am going to tell you what transpired in the case of Dora, a lovely retired 70 year Cuban lady that came to see me (several years ago) suffering from a strong & debilitating pain on her left knee.

Although she had already undergone strenuous physical therapy, injections and taken multiple pain medications (provided via her medical insurance) she had been unable to achieve any relief. Consequently, her doctors informed her that her “one & only” choice was to have knee replacement surgery on her left knee.


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