Can Stem Cells Treat an ACL Tear or Torn Meniscus?


Can stem cell therapy be used to treat an ACL tear or torn meniscus? As a long-time rugby player, I have seen my fair share of ACL and meniscus injuries, including experiencing them myself. While these injuries are traditionally treated using invasive orthopedic surgeries, stem cells are now emerging as a therapeutic alternative.

Stem Cells for ACL or Meniscus Tear

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury occurs when the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is either partially or completely torn. ACL tears commonly occur during sporting activities and are usually caused by a rapid change in direction or impact, although a range of other stimuli can also cause them.

torn meniscus occurs when the meniscus within the knee is damaged. The meniscus is a curved structure within the knee that partly divides the joint cavity. It is composed of fibrocartilaginous, which is a mixture of fibrous tissue and cartilage tissue that make the meniscus both strong and flexible. Sporting injuries that involve twisting, turning, or impact to the knee can cause this injury.

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Can Stem Cells Treat an ACL Tear or Torn Meniscus?


The Meniscus Tear: A Review of Stem Cell Therapies




Meniscal injuries have posed a challenging problem for many years, especially considering that historically the meniscus was considered to be a structure with no important role in the knee joint. This led to earlier treatments aiming at the removal of the entire structure in a procedure known as a meniscectomy. However, with the current understanding of the function and roles of the meniscus, meniscectomy has been identified to accelerate joint degradation significantly and is no longer a preferred treatment option in meniscal tears. Current therapies are now focused to regenerate, repair, or replace the injured meniscus to restore its native function. Repairs have improved in technique and materials over time, with various implant devices being utilized and developed. More recently, strategies have applied stem cells, tissue engineering, and their combination to potentiate healing to achieve superior quality repair tissue and retard the joint degeneration associated with an injured or inadequately functioning meniscus. Accordingly, the purpose of this current review is to summarize the current available pre-clinical and clinical literature using stem cells and tissue engineering for meniscal repair and regeneration.

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