Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Stroke Victims?



Stem cell therapy may be able to help stroke victims. Stem cells are a promising new treatment option that has been demonstrated safe and effective in a range of peer-reviewed studies. It works by replacing damaged cells within the brain and regulating the immune system to prevent further damage to the body and brain post-stroke. These functions make stem cell therapy for stroke survivors a valuable alternative therapy option.

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Suffered a recent stroke?

Did you know that new research shows that stem cells injected into distant arteries or veins travel to the site of a stroke in the brain to fuel the repair process? While the optimal time for introducing stem cells seems to be between 36 and 72 hours after the stroke, injecting stem cells after that period of time has also proved to be beneficial. For more information, call Miami Stem Cell (305) 598-7777 to learn if you are a candidate for this new treatment option.

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