This week, I would like to comment on an article initially published by the prestigious BMJ (Spanish Journal of Muscles and Bones) in English and also recently in Spanish (by El Nuevo Herald) discussing the controversial topic about the inefficiency of arthroscopy surgery.

Arthroscopy is a very popular operation that attempts to repair the meniscus and damaged cartilage through small incisions with the assistance of a video camera. It is performed more than 700,000 times a year, mostly in the knee. However, about 15 recent medical studies (conducted on more than 1,700 patients) show that the operation does not provide relief or improve joint function and furthermore, shows multiple complications such as infections, which can be very serious. All this at the astronomical cost of more than 3 billion dollars!

Precisely, the reason for having designed the stem cell procedure (almost ten years ago) was to improve the poor success rate of arthroscopy (an unfortunate fact which we were already aware of). However, the lack of efficacy of arthroscopy contrasts with the excellent efficacy provided by stem cells to repair meniscus and worn cartilage, where they show an 85% improvement in pain and function at approximately six months and such improvement is maintained for more than two years.

You may remember several of my articles where I mentioned this topic and now, officially, the prestigious magazine BMJ validates it clearly. An excellent example of how procedures are advancing with stem cells, as more and more are being considered as a better option (in many patients) to effectively treat cartilage and meniscus wear and tear.

So from now on, when you are recommended to have performed a complicated and invasive arthroscopy to repair your meniscus or cartilage, remember that there is now a new method that is more effective and uncomplicated: your own stem cells!

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