In my opinion, one of the hardest things to accept is a new type of medical treatment, particularly when it changes the philosophy, parameters and overall results that we are expecting and basically used to receiving. Stem cells are undoubtedly, no exception to this rule.

Recently, Eduardo K (a Cuban doctor with a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburg in internal medicine and nephrology) brought his wife Maria to our institute, in order to assess the possibility of using stem cells to cure the severe chronic pain in her ankle. A pain so severe, that it was basically hindering her ability to walk and Dr. K also expressed his extreme hesitation & concerns about having his wife be involved in an invasive ankle surgery at this stage of her adult life.

However, while conducting our usual examining process, reviewing her medical records & MRI’s and thoroughly discussing my overall recommendations about a potential stem cell transplant, I quickly realized that Dr. K was not a true believer in Stem Cell therapies, since he thought that “there was not much medical evidence of their actual effectiveness” and he ultimately also confessed that “his wife had basically dragged him” to accompany her to this particular appointment.

As always, I respectfully explained the reality that stem cells actually repair the damaged cartilage in a microscopic type fashion and thus, while this repair process would not be clearly reflected immediately on future X-rays, I assured them that the pain she was suffering from will soon subside and possibly even completely disappear. In addition, I expressed that I was extremely confident that she would also regain her mobility skills after the procedure, even if this improvement could not be easily detected via a radiological image.

Since Maria’s options were somewhat limited, added to the fact that months of traditional physical therapy, injections, medications and previous surgeries had completely failed her, Dr. K finally agreed to grant his wife’s wishes to have her stem cell transplant (from her own bone marrow & fat) be performed, albeit still very skeptical about the process and showing little enthusiasm.

This morning, both of them attended our follow up appointment (6 weeks after the procedure) and surprisingly, Maria and Dr. K happily confirmed that she felt (at least) 60% better, something that no previous traditional medical treatments had  been able to accomplish! It was then, that I explained to them that her stem cells had acted much faster than expected (something that possibly taught Dr. K an interesting lesson!).

As we began to say our goodbyes, the doctor told me (first in English then in Spanish) that: “in spite of my skepticism about stem cell therapies, I can personally attest that the successful results seen on my wife have been irrefutable”, and with a smile on both of their faces, they gratefully thanked my staff and I for this amazing improvement.

As I continued to replay the words expressed by this doctor over & over in my mind, I quickly realized how truly incredulous human beings tend to be, with most of us often needing to fail several times at accomplishing something, before being able to realize & accept that we were truly mistaken in the first place!

In order to continue to stay at the forefront in stem cell treatment technology, we are arduously working on several clinical trials on the next generation of bio-cellular treatments (like our latest innovation called PLACENTEXX). We will discuss this new procedure and the results from our studies in upcoming articles very soon.

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