Almost 15 years ago, I started working in the field of what is now known as Regenerative Medicine or Ortho-Biological Medicine. In these years, I pleasantly observed how the field has developed and also how the treatments are becoming more and more successful, but this level of success is only guaranteed based on the actual quality of the product being used. Using top quality Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as well as the Stem Cells obtained for the treatment is of utmost importance for the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Our StemCell Miami institute has had so much success over the years, strictly because we always strive to provide our patients with the best quality Ortho-Biological products.

For example, we have our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is extracted from one’s own blood with a special process and used in cases of chronic inflammations in tendons and bursae (either in the shoulder, hip, knee or foot). As long as the PRP is double-spun on a special PRP machine (like ours), you have a 90% chance of improvement. However, when performed in a “standard” centrifuge, such as those often advertised on television or radio, the effectiveness level drops to only 15%!

Similarly with stem cells, when isolated stem cells from fat are implanted, or when bone marrow (also isolated) is planted, only a 50% improvement is obtained. Compared to our state-of-the-art strategic combination using both types of cells (a procedure in which we are pioneers to perform) in order to achieve an unparalleled 85% success rate!

Furthermore, StemCell Miami is now offering a groundbreaking procedure called: Placentexx, an innovative technique to treat painful orthopedic conditions that requires no blood extraction and no sedation. Placentexx is composed of Human Umbilical (UC) cord and (AM) Amniotic Membrane (collected with strict FDA approved regulations from healthy newborn babies free of any transmittable diseases) that together comprise much higher levels of key proteins, cytokines and growth factors that have shown tremendous success towards reducing inflammation and promoting regeneration of normal tissue.

In conclusion, the Ortho-Biological treatments function in a spectacular fashion, as long as the necessary amount (and the best quality of these cells) are collected. Otherwise, the results are unsatisfactory. Please do not forget this fact when someone tells you that these regenerative treatments do not work!

So if you, a family member or friend are interested in receiving treatment with Stem Cells or PRP, call us at 305 598-7777. For more information visit: in English and Spanish or on YouTube @Stemcellmiami or also follow us on FB and Twitter. Stem Cell Miami would appreciate any comments on this article or if you want to write directly to the doctors please do so at:

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