Labrum Tears

The labrum is a ring of fibrocartilage that covers the rim of the hip joint socket. Its purpose is to contribute to joint stability. A labral tear of the hip occurs when this crescent-shaped cartilage is torn, causing pain, clicking, or catching. Traumatic injury or erosion from repetitive motion are two common ways labrum tears happen. Symptoms and treatment options vary depending on the type of tear and patient factors. Here at Miami Stem Cell, we’re recognized as a pioneer in stem cell procedures in the Miami area. Our staff of medical professionals has experienced excellent results from treatment for labrum tear pain with stem cell therapy, so you can be assured that you’ll be in good hands.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are unique human cells that have the remarkable ability to develop into any specialized cell type in the body, from blood cells to heart muscle cells. Stem cells are also capable of repairing damaged tissue. Here’s how injections of stem cells into the joints work. The procedure consists of a medical practitioner obtaining stem cells from your body using a syringe. The stem cells are purged to remove blood and other substances and are then injected into the injured location. The healthy transplanted stem cells could then promote the repair response of the injured tissue. Over time, a patient can experience greater function and less pain in the hip and shoulder joints from the effect of regenerative medicine.

Treatment for Labrum Tear Pain

When labral cartilage tears in the hip or shoulder joints, it cannot heal without a medical aid. Rest, over-the-counter medications, and physical therapy are most often used to treat these types of injuries. It is common practice for a doctor to treat a labrum tear with conservative treatment techniques first, to avoid the complications of surgery. If the tear fails to respond to non-operative care, then a surgical option will be the next treatment step. Treating a labral tear is a priority for three reasons: 1) it prevents new symptoms, 2) it prevents possible long-term pain, and 3) it prevents a decrease in hip or shoulder activities.

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Stem cell therapy is gaining continued popularity in Miami because it offers great promise for medical treatments without the unwanted complications of a surgical procedure. At Miami Stem Cell, we recommend that you avoid surgery and try stem cell therapy. Here’s why. Our team of clinicians has been heralded as true pioneers for over 15 years in the field of regenerative medicine. Thousands of patients have trusted our institute to perform stem cell procedures because we have a history of “delivering extremely positive results and with no adverse reactions reported to date.” If that’s not enough of a motivating factor, our clinic differs from competing clinics in that we relieve pain by using innovative and powerful medicine therapy. Let us help you heal from within with regenerative medicine! Contact us today for more information about the treatment for labrum tear discomfort.

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