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Are you still wondering how stem cell therapy works and how it can help you? Stem cell therapy is a very effective treatment for many medical conditions and the experts at Miami Stem Cell want to make sure you are 100 perfect confident about how this procedure works. To better comfort you, we have a video gallery that can elaborate and take you more in-depth into the world of stem cells. Check out your stem cell videos youtube account and in no time you will be on your way to a better you!
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See For Yourself

Are you a little discouraged or feeling unmotivated that stem cell treatment actually works? Are you worried that it may be painful or a complete waste of time and money? In order to help make you feel better, we have provided testimonials from a handful of individuals who went through the process themselves and are here to share their experience with you. They are real patients and not paid actors. These are real-life experiences of people who were once in your current state. Come see for yourself how stem cells procedures can get you on the right path to health.

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As technology is quickly changing, it is essential to stay updated and in the loop. Because technology is so innovative, the medical industry is always changing too. We suggest subscribing to our youtube to make sure you are constantly in the loop. It is important to be on top of the latest medical advances and information.

We make sure to consistently update our gallery with new videos and support when it comes to the world of stem cell. We strive to create only the best content that can really help others educate themselves on stem cell procedures as an alternative to surgery and other traditional therapy procedures.

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Let Us Heal You

Miami Stem Cell’s mission is to control orthopedic related pain and suffering by using the latest and most innovative Regenerative Medicine therapy procedures available today.

As one of the leading stem cell institutes in the United States, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch service in the field of Regenerative Medicine, a branch of medicine that is now being considered as one of the most promising fields in modern medicine. At Miami Stem Cell, the safety of our patients is always our top priority and we strictly adhere to all FDA mandates and regulations, in order to deliver the best results, in the safest form and for the benefit of all our patients.

Our ultimate goal is to successfully bring Regenerative Medicine treatment therapies to a sector of the population that suffers from painful orthopedic conditions always using the most professional, safe, friendly and honest type of approach. In addition, we will not treat any medical conditions that we have no strong scientific evidence that our Regenerative Medicine treatments would be effective at treating, like neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s or any pulmonary diseases or would ever place any of our patients at the risk of any adverse effects, since patient safety is always of utmost importance to us.

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Great doctor and awesome staff. Very nice environment and very welcoming. The doctor is very knowledgeable and he really cares for his patients. I’ve done treatments on my hands, knees and hips, beyond a marked improvement in my pain, the staff and doctors have been responsive. Their patient care and treatment have been exceptional. I highly recommend them!

I have only good things to say about Miami Stem Cells.
There attention to detail throughout my visits has been impecable. They go out of there way to make you feel comfortable. So many services to choose from under one roof.
I would highly recommend this company.
I applaud your employees for there amazing customer service.
Well Done
Oscar Vidal

Recently I was l lucky enough to have an appointment at this clinic!!! I have had chronic pain issues due to a previous injury and was seeking treatment to fix it. Dr. Serpa and his team were amazing !!!! He explained everything that would happen during the appointment and made me feel at ease. I travelled from Canada to come to this office and I’m glad with the decision I made!! Not only were they kind and professional but they also made sure that after my appointment I was taken care of!! Thank you to everyone for all your hard work!!!
Jenn T

I had to take a minute to write a review on how Miami Stem Cell changed the quality of my life. I have suffered from chronic arthritis on my knees and right shoulder. In September, I did the stem cell injections on my knees and shoulder and my pain level went from 9 down to 2. I’ve got my life back and i cant thank enough the clinical team – who couldn’t be more passionate and welcoming. I am going back to do PRP on my face and can’t wait to see the results. Thank you Miami Stem Cell for bringing me back to life!
Gueta V

I had an amazing experience with Miami Stem Cell! Amazing doctors, and very professional staff. My grandmother was treated for her knee joint pain and made great progress very fast!
Caroline Febre

My grandfather had significant pain in his shoulder. Miami Stem Cell treated him six months ago and he has improved greatly since.
Gabriel Hernandez

Amazing and friendly doctors and staff who are very knowledgeable and amazing treatments offered here. Absolutely the best!
liza Lorenzo

Dr Neninger and his staff are amazing trying to comfort his patients. It is a GREAT relief; they take the extra minute to listen to the whines of his patients via phone or in his office. KEEP YOUR OUTSTANDING ATTENTION
Maria-Elena Frias

Great facility, with a great staff, excellent service, the doctors are amazing took care of my issues, totally satisfied!
Julio Pujol

Great Doctor and awesome staff. Very nice facilities and very welcoming. The doctor is very knowledgeable and he really cares for his patients.
Flavia Hernandez

This is by far the best practice I have ever worked at. The only reason I no longer work here was to further my education. The staff are kind and welcoming. Every person that works here wants the best for you. Not only are the employees courteous and hard working, the work also speaks for itself. I highly recommend this practice to you or anyone you know. You will not find another place like this. The place is very modern and well kept. From the moment you walk in you know you’re in the right place.
Stephanie Lazo

Fantastic doctors who really care about each patient’s health .My pain is completely gone and I can resume all my daily physical activities!!!!!
Ashley Lemus

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